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Welcome to WordPress Tutorial Videos. Are you ready to learn everything you need to know about installing, setting up and using WordPress?  Learn WordPress Web Design starting today. Watch and follow along with me as I take you through every aspect of this wonderful web design platform.With my easy step by step WordPress Tutorial Videos Course you will be building your own website in no time at all. My WordPress video training is designed specifically for newbies and beginners.


 The videos are clear, concise, plain and simple so you don't get lost, frustrated or confused.

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I take you by the hand and walk you slowly through every part of setting up a WordPress website. Nothing is taken for granted and I assume you are brand new with little or limited experience with the WordPress platform. After following along with me you will understand WordPress inside and out. Learn WordPress web design the right way; just watch me and follow along.

What exactly is WordPress and how can it help you? Lets take a look.

What is WordPress

Simply put, WordPress is free web development software that you can use to create your own website or blog. WordPress comes is two flavors, or versions.

The free version is probably the most common. If you go to WordPress.com you will be able setup your first WordPress blog for free. Simply click on the "get started here" tab, enter a name, register and you're on your way.

Learn WordPressYou can also download the WordPress software program script from WordPress.org as well. This second version of WordPress is also free and allows you start building your own WordPress Blog or Website too. However, this version of WordPress requires you to have a domain or web host in order to use the software. A web host is basically a provider, or web service company, which will "house" your WordPress website.

WordPress is among the most popular free web design software platforms available and you can get started using either versions as you follow along in my WordPress video training system. The WordPress.com version is limited however, and not as flexible as the software version you can obtain from WordPress.org.

Which Version of WordPress is best for you?

Each version of WordPress fulfills a need. When I first got started I used the free "blog" version to get my feet wet and learn what I was doing. It was limiting because I didn't actually have my own domain name, or web hosting service; I had what's known as a 'sub-domain'. For example, if your name is John and you sign up for a free blog at WordPress.com using your name; your domain name would be john.wordpress.com.

Now, if you wanted your own independent domain name to be john.com you would simply have the "domain name" hosted through a web hosting service.

Decide which version is best for your needs and join me as I walk you through the process of installing, optimizing and using WordPress with my WordPress Video Training.

WordPress For Beginners And Newbies

WordPress is the best choice when it comes to free web design software for beginners. It's not too complicated for the  beginner, yet flexible and extremely powerful for the serious web developer as well. WordPress has been used by thousands of people around the world to build beautiful websites from scratch.

With thousands of free WordPress themes and plugins available, the process has been made easier for the beginner, but it can be intimidating when you have no idea where to start or what to do. So I developed a complete and comprehensive Beginner WordPress Training and Tutorial system to help you.

wordpress for beginnersI make the process of learning how to build a website easy for the beginner with my WordPress Tutorial Videos. My website video training series is specifically designed for the WordPress beginner. I designed the training so that anyone, and I mean anyone, could follow along with me step by step and get the same results you see me achieve on screen, right in front of your eyes.

I don't make assumptions as to your level of knowledge regarding WordPress or web design. In fact, some might consider portions of what I teach a bit "remedial" at times.  This is because I make it a point to explain to you each and every step of what I'm doing along the way as you follow along. I go slow and teach you each element of WordPress in precise detail. You will understand the "why" behind what I'm doing so you get the full picture of how WordPress works and how all the parts are interrelated.

Effective teaching involves placing yourself in the seat of the student, and this is what I do as I "show" you in a step by step methodical way how WordPress really works and how you will benefit from it as you follow my recommendations.

My WordPress Video Training - What You Will Learn

wordpress video classLearning how to install, setup and use WordPress effectively is not rocket science within itself.

But learning how to squeeze out the most beneficial parts of this free web development software "is" a science, and this is what I'm going to share with you.


The WordPress Tutorial Videos Course contains over 60 videos which will cover everything you need to know about WordPress starting with the basics. Some of the video modules include:

1. Selecting a WordPress version 4 .Installing WordPress
2. Domain Name Choice 5 .Domain name registration
3. Hosting/Registration 6 .DNS Setup
4. Hostgator 7. Godaddy
5. Working with Pages 8. Understanding Posts
6. Working with Images 9. Permalinks
7. Working with Keywords 10. All about H1
8. Plugins 11. Tags
9. Headers 12. Categories/Slugs
10. Blogrolls 13. Inbound/Outbound links

how to make tables like this and a whole lot more............

My WordPress video training series is a complete and total walk through from start to finish. I show you how to build a website from an Online Marketing prospective. You learn how to get your site ranked and also how to promote it.

What Does This Mean?

You will learn how to build a WordPress website that will "Get You Found" online. Yes, I will of course teach you how to install WordPress and set it up properly; build pages, posts, embed images, videos, setup a contact form and all of the basics. But I'm going to teach you much, much more than that.

build wordpress web site

I'm going to show you how to design, build and optimize your site to it's highest level possible so Google and the top search engines will love you and more importantly, people will find you when they search online.  I'm going to build a website with you "in real time" and you get to watch me do it and follow along.

In fact, this website you are on right now, "WordPressTutorialVideos" will be constructed and used as I video chronicle and tape the entire process. The construction, optimization and ultimate launch of this video series is within these pages and the membership area.

I Build Websites

I'm a full time Online Marketer, Web Designer and Author. Over the past two years I've fine tuned my method for obtaining first page ranking in Google and other search engines via "organic search."  I know how to get my various WordPress websites ranked for specific keywords and I can teach you how to do it too. You want to Learn WordPress? That's great. I'm going to teach you WordPress and if you follow my lead I'll show you how to get top first page rankings for your website, and then market it as well.


WordPress SEO Optimization And Plugins

wordpress seo strategiesWhat good is a great looking website if no one can find you? Optimizing your WordPress website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, techniques and plugins is essential for a products and services based website. If you own a business it doesn't matter if you build your website with WordPress or some other program, such as Joomla or Drupal; what matters is that your websites rank,  get visitors, clicks and ultimately sales.

I'm going to show you how to set your website up properly so that people can find you, your product or service.

As a web designer the biggest dis-service, and most frustrating thing I see, is when someone gets a website built and never gets found.

Before I became a full time marketer I had a co-worker who was a web developer and knew how to build fantastic, colorful, dynamically and visually compelling flash object oriented websites. His websites were very flashy and beautiful eye candy, I have to admit.

I was a fairly new affiliate marketer but I was up to speed on basic SEO techniques; keywords, H1 tags, headlines, etc. I wasn't as keen back then on WordPress and building websites, as I am today,  so I use to pick his brain for knowledge from time to time. To my surprise he knew absolutely nothing about SEO; not a thing. His websites looked great but you couldn't find any of them online via a keyword search if your life depended on it.

The Lesson

Proper WordPress SEO matters if you want your website to get noticed. You don't need a fancy or expensive website to have an effective web presence, you just need to understand how Google works and remain focused on the content you're providing.  In fact, I'm going to show you how to build an effective WordPress site using the default WordPress theme and a few plugins.

Fast forward more than a year now and I'm able to consistently get first page rankings for my websites, and my clients, using a precise WordPress SEO methodology. I've taken everything I've learned over the past two years and compiled it into a system that's pretty much fail safe. It just works. I use a combination of  tested SEO strategies and marketing techniques that help get my websites ranked high in the search engines. You can do the same.

Take a look at some of the free WordPress training videos I've provided for you in my video section and see for yourself; then come along and join me in the members area.

Get started now with my Complete WordPress Tutorial Videos Course.

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